A brand new technology now can effectively reduce the accidents due to slippery floor by introducing "Non-slip Treatment".

Ideal surface for Non-Slip Treatment to be used on:
Granite, concrete, quarry tile, Spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo and other hard mineral surfaces.
Ideal places for Non-Slip Treatment to be used on:
Classroom floor, kitchen tiles, bathroom tile, swimming pool tile, hallway tile, staircase, plaza flooring, bathtub, etc.

Main characteristics: Provides a better non-slippery effect on a wet service.

Non-Slip Treatment, by producing tiny pores on the surface of floor and stone materials, increases the coefficient of friction. When the floor is wet, the water vapor will go into these pores. These vapors will be squeeze out when the shoe sole or bare feet touch the floor, by which the surface tension that prevents the separation of water vapor acts as a suction cup to increase the coefficient of friction. By following the US ASTM standards to test our products, the coefficient of friction of this product, under the strict safety requirement basis of US, is proven to be having an increase by 2 to 4 times when the floor or surface is wet. (This effect will be vary on different flooring materials.)

Why is it not slippery?
It is suitable for using on wet floor with an excellent effect. Water vapors will enter into the numerous tiny pores to increase the friction between the floor and the feet, which makes it not slippery anymore.

From top to bottom:
Preparation before starting the work > Cleaning of the floor > Non-Slip Processing > Finish